Volkswagen Polo

vOLKSWAGEN POLO - Soho, Fun, Dune, Playa, BlueMotion, Vivo, CrossPolo

Volkswagen Polo was first introduced four decades ago. Since then, the Polo, whose models include Soho, Fun, Dune, Playa, BlueMotion, Vivo, CrossPolo, has been a very successful brand for Volkswagen, which also owns the Passat and Golf brands, as well as the Audi and SEAT subsidiaries.

Popular among students, first time car buyers and those who desire low price and/or high gas mileage, the Polo also has been renamed and sold as the subcompact of other car companies acquired and developed by Volkswagen.

Properly maintained tyre pressure for the Polo, as well as all other Volkswagen cars will optimize fuel efficiency and tyre tread wear, which will lower fuel and tyre costs, improve road safety, and minimize the emission of global warming carbon dioxide.

The individuals who ultimately determine the ease with which the tyres on Polo and all other VW cars can be kept inflated at the advised psi are the German executives who lead Volkswagen AG. Their identity, titles, address and telephone numbers are listed here.


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