Hankook Tyres

Hankook Tyres - Aurora, Dynapro, Kingstar, Laufenn, Optimo, Vantra, Ventus

Hankook Tyres is South Korea's top tyre manufacturer. The key Hankook Tyres brands include the Aurora, Dynapro, Kingstar, Kinergy, Laufenn, Optimo, Vantra, Ventus, and its key models include the H105, H405, H418, H714, H725, K103, K104, K105, K106, RH06 and RT03.

The decision makers to contact and urge to adopt more accurate tyre pressure monitoring are below:

Hankook Tyres - Key Contacts
Yang Rai Cho - Chairman of the Board
Hyun Bum Cho - Chief Executive Officer and Executive Director
Soo II Lee - President and Chief Operating Officer
Jong Ho Park - Executive Vice President of Corporate Management and Finance
Seung Bin Lim - Senior Vice President of Marketing
Soon Gi Yoon - Senior Vice President of Human Resources
Jong Chul Lee - Vice President
Hyun Shik Cho - Vice President

Founded in 1941, Hankook Tyres, which also makes wheels, batteries and brake pads, has grown to become one of the world's largest maker of tires. It competes against Michelin Tyres, based in France, Continental Tires, based in Germany, Pirelli Tyres, based in Italy, Bridgestone Tyres, based in Japan, and Goodyear Tyres, based in United States.

The North American headquarters of Hankook Tyres is located in Ohio, USA but all of the major decisions apparently are made by the Korean executives in South Korea.
The address and phone number for the Hankook executives above are listed below. More accurate tyre monitoring technology for their Aurora, Dynapro, Kingstar, Kinergy, Laufenn, Optimo, Vantra, Ventus brands will improve their corporate image, sales and profits, as well as lead to better road safety, more lives saved, and less pollution:

Hankook Tyres - Contact Details
Hankook Tyre Manufacturing Company Ltd.
647-15 Yoksam-dong Kangnam-Ku
Seoul, 135-080 South Korea
Phone: +82 22 222 1000
Fax: +82 22 222 1746


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