Bridgestone Tires

Bridgestone Tires - Alenza, Blizzak, Dueler, Ecopia, Potenza, Turanza

Bridgestone Tires is a Japanese multi-national with factories in over twenty countries around the world. Founded in Fukuoka, Japan in 1931, Bridgestone Tires is now headquartered in Tokyo.
Proper pressure for Bridgestone tires, including Alenza, Blizzak, Driveguard, Dueler, Duravis, Ecopia, Potenza, Turanza, Weatherforce, and Firestone models is crucial. Below are the contact details for the officials who are responsible for accurate Bridgestone tire pressure monitoring technology:

Bridgestone Tires - Decision Makers
Masaaki Tsuya - Chairman, Chief Executive Officer and Representative Executive Officer
Shoshi Arakawa - President
Kazuhisa Nishigai - Chief Operating Officer, Chief Technology Officer, Representative Executive Officer and Director
Hiroshi Yamaguchi - Chief Director of Quality Assurance
Akihiro Eto - Chief Financial Officer, Executive Vice President and Executive Officer
Narumi Zaitsu - Chief Director of Production, Technology & Administration
Hidekazu Kimizu - Chief Compliance Officer of Legal Affairs and Intellectual Property, Vice President and Senior Officer of Corporate Management
Tatsuya Okajima - Senior Managing Executive Officer

How did a Japanese tire maker end up being named "Bridgestone" instead of "Sumitomo" or "Yokohama," the Japanese sounding names of its chief Japanese rivals (Bridgestone also competes against Michelin Tires, based in France, Pirelli Tires, based in Italy, Hankook Tires, based in Japan, and Goodyear Tires, based in the United States)?

The Japanese name of Bridgestone is ishibashi, which means "stone bridge" in Japanese.
Please call or write the officials above to express the need for more accurate tire pressure monitoring technology. Their address and telephone number are below (while the phone will be answered in Japanese, all of their headquarters staff speak English):

Bridgestone Corporation - Headquarters Details
Bridgestone Tire Corporation
1-10-1 Kyobashi, Chuo-Ku
Tokyo 104-8340 Japan
Phone: +81 33563 6822


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