How Many Cars Are In The US?

How Many Cars Are On The Road In The US Today?

How Many Cars Are In The USEstimates on how many cars are in the US today vary somewhat. Some of the estimates are outdated, others include motorcycles, and still others exclude vehicles with expired tags. Here is the current statistic on how many cars are in the US.

There are 294 million cars on the road in the US today, including both passenger cars and commercial vehicles. The average age of these cars is 11.6 years.

What percentage of these cars use clean technology?
Fracking lowers gas prices, which in turn raises the demand for gas guzzlers. Light trucks and SUVs now account for two-thirds of new car sales in the US, with smaller passenger cars accounting for the remaining one-third.

Despite all of the hype surrounding battery electric, plug-in hybrid, and fuel-cell cars, over 98% of all cars on the road today in the US are still powered by gasoline or diesel. The bright spot is California, where battery electric and plug-in-hybrids account for about 10% of new car sales.

How much pollution are the gas and diesel cars in the US producing?

The 285 million gas and diesel cars on the road in the US will emit 446 million metric tons (equivalent to 983 billion pounds) of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere this year. To put that into perspective, that's equivalent to burning all of the coal in a fully-loaded coal train that stretches 78,500 miles, long enough to wrap 3 times around the earth at the equator.
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How many tires do cars in the US need?

The 294 million cars on the road in the US in 2018 will need a set of new tires about every 2 years, or 592 million tires annually, and car tires consume over half of the earth's rubber production, which of course burns even more fuel and cause even more pollution.


Under-inflated tires

Who is responsible for global warming?

Environmental defense organizations