Mazda Tyre Pressure


Correct tyre pressure for the Mazda RX8, Miata (MX5), CX3, CX5, CX7, CX9, Mazda2, Mazda3, Mazda4, Mazda5, Mazda6, and Mazda8 will save money at the gas pumps, reduce tyre costs and carbon dioxide pollution, and raise road safety. The people who control Mazda's tyre pressure monitoring technology are as follows:

Mazda Tire Pressures - Key Executives
Hisakazu Imaki - Chairman of the Board
Masamichi Kogai - President, Chief Executive Officer and Representative Director
Ryoichi Hasegawa - Senior Managing Executive Officer
Masaharu Yamaki - Senior Managing Executive Officer
Daniel Morris - Senior Managing Executive Officer
Takashi Yamanouchi - Vice President and Executive Officer
Masahiro Takeda - General Manager of Corporate Accounting
Takeji Kojima - Executive Officer and General Manager of Corporate Communications
Kazuhisa Yoshida - Executive Officer and General Manager of Human Resources
Yutaka Wasemori - General Manager of System Strategy and Administration, Deputy General Manager of IT Solutions and Deputy General Manager of Corporate Planning and Development

Founded in 1920 as the Toyo Cork Kogyo Company, Mazda made weapons for the Japanese army during World War II, and cars thereafter. It adopted the Mazda name in 1984 and has been making cars around the world, although still predominantly in Japan.
Introduced in 1990, the small and sexy Mazda Miata was immediately branded the car for a mid-life crisis and popular among middle-aged men, especially in the fiery red color. More than a decade later, the image still stands in certain circles.

Please call or write the officers above at the address and telephone number below and cite your concerns over fuel economy, air pollution and road safety to urge more precise monitoring of tyre pressure monitoring of all car models made by this Japanese corporation:

Mazda Motor Corp - Contact Details
Mazda Motor Corporation
3-1 Shinchi, Fuchu-cho
Aki-gun, Hiroshima 730-8670, Japan
Phone: +81 822 82 11 11


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