How Many Cars Are In China?

How Many Cars Are In China Today?

How Many Cars Are In ChinaThe number of cars in China have risen dramatically. In 1990, China had only about 6 million cars. Fourteen years later in 2004, that number had risen to about 30 million cars. While that's a five fold increase, 30 million cars for over a billion people was still a low number.

Over the next decade, the number of cars in China grew at breakneck pace as China's growing middle class traded in bicycles for motorcycles, and then motorcycles for cars. In 2015, China overtook the United States and became the world's largest car market.

How many cars are on the road in China today?
The number of cars in China just surpassed 340 million. While that is a large number, it still represents only 0.24 car per Chinese, far shy of the 0.89 car per American. As China's middle class continues to expand and the former ratio approaches the latter, China's car market will continue to expand for years to come. But that isn't all good news.

Last year, 290,000 Chinese died in traffic accidents. Sixty percent of them were vulnerable road users like pedestrians, bicyclists, motorcyclists and street cleaners. In the US, which has slightly fewer cars but higher road safety standards, 37,000 Americans died in traffic accidents last year.

How much pollution are the cars in China producing?

China's 340 million cars on the road will emit 534 billion metric tons (equivalent to 1.18 trillion pounds) of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere this year. To put that into perspective, that's equivalent to burning all of the coal in a fully-loaded coal train that stretches 94,000 miles, long enough to wrap 3.7 times around the earth at the equator.
This is a major concern for the world but especially for China, whose citizens are already choking in apocalyptic levels of smog.

What is China doing about this?

The Chinese government is heavily promoting clean energy vehicles and hopes that electric cars sales alone will account for 12% of China's new car sales by 2020.

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How many tires do China's cars need?

The 340 million cars on the road in 2018 need a set of new tires about every 2 years, or 780 million tires annually, and car tires consume over half of the earth's rubber production, which of course burns even more fuel and cause even more pollution.


Under-inflated tires

Who is responsible for global warming?

Environmental defense organizations