Fiat Tyre Pressure

Fiat Tyre Pressure - Punto, Doblo, Stilo

Correct tyre pressure Fiat cars, including the 500, Bravo, Cinquecento, Doblo, New Croma, Linea, Multipla, Palio, Punto, Sedici, Spider and Stilo lead to better road safety, lower gas and tire costs, and lower air pollution.

Historically dominated by the infamous Agnelli family of Italy, this Turin-based group, which competes against the likes of France's Peugeot, is Italy's largest automobile manufacturer and one of its largest industrial concerns. The people who can make it easy to maintain the tire pressures for Fiat vehicles are listed below:

Fiat SpA - Key People
Luca Cordero di Montezemolo - Chairman of the Board
Sergio Marchionne - CEO
Gian Carlo Michellone - President & CEO of Fiat Research
Ferruccio Luppi - Senior Vice President of Business Development
Simone Migliarino - Senior Vice President of Communications
Please call or write to these people at the coordinates below and express that your desire for easier tire pressure management for not only Fiat automobiles but also those manufactured by Chrysler, which it now owns. The above leaders should be reminded that as its group gets larger, so does its responsibility to lead in protecting our fragile planet.

Fiat SpA - Contact Details
Fiat SpA
Via Nizza 250
10126 Torino, Italy
Phone: +39 11006 1111
Fax: +39 11686 2915


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