Hyundai Tire Pressure

Hyundai Tire Pressure - Accent, Azera, Elantra, Sonata

An easier way to maintain the officially recommended tire pressure for the Hyundai Accent, Elantra, Ioniq, Kona, Nexo, Sonata, Santa Fe, Azera, Tiburon, Tucsan, Veloster and Veracruz will minimize road drag and uneven tread wear, which will in turn lower gas bills and the frequency of the need to buy new tires. Properly pressured tires on Hyundais will also protect the environment and increase road safety.

The people who decide on the monitoring technology for Hyundai tyres are:

Hyundai Tyre Presures - Key Executives
Mong Goo Jung - Chairman of the Board
Dong Jin Kim - Vice Chairman of the Board, Chief Executive Officer
Won-Hee Lee - President, Chief Executive Officer and Internal Director
Peter Schreyer - President and Chief Design Officer
Yeo Chul Yoon - Co-Chief Executive Officer
Jae Kook Choi - Co-President and Director
Jung-Dae Lee - Chief Financial Officer, Vice Chairman and Head of Business Planning
Uk Im Tak - Chief Operating Officer and Executive Vice President

South Korea's Hyundai is a major car maker. Once synonymous with cheap junk cars, Hyundai is now a trusted car brand in the world. With new levels of trust and prestige, of course, comes new levels of responsibilities.

Please contact the officers above at the coordinates below to request better tyre pressure monitoring technology for all of their models of cars. After all, they need to keep up with their rivals at Honda the maker of Accord and Civic, and the owner of Acura.
Hyundai Motor Company - Contact Coordinates
Hyundai Motor Company
231 Yangjae-dong
Seocho-gu, Seoul, 137-130
Republic of Korea
Phone: +82 23464 11 14
Fax: +82 23464 87 19


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