Suzuki Tyre Pressure

Suzuki Tyre Pressure - Alto, Swift, SX4

Maintaining the correct tyre pressure for the Suzuki Swift, SX4, Vitara, Alto, Bandit, Kizashi, Equator, Forenza, Reno, XL7, Kizashi, Equator and other models increases fuel efficiency, which lowers fuel costs, cuts carbon dioxide emissions and therefore air pollution. It also raises road safety and therefore save lives.

The tire pressures for Suzuki cars and trucks is set by these Japanese officers at the headquarters of Suzuki Motors:

Suzuki Motor Corporation - Key Executives
Hiroshi Tsuda - President
Kenichi Ayukawa - Managing Director, Chief Executive Officer and Director
Ajay Seth - Senior Executive Director of Finance and Chief Financial Officer
Shinzo Nakanishi - Chief Director of Overseas Sales
Takashi Nakayama - Chief Director of Four-wheel Technology
Toyokazu Sugimoto - Chief Director of Administration
Akihiro Sakamoto - Chief Director of Quality Assurance
Manjaree Chowdhary - General Counsel
Sanjeev Grover - Company Secretary and Compliance Officer
S. Y. Siddiqui - Chief Mentor

Founded in 1909 as a weaving looms maker, Suzuki began to experiment with cars in 1937 but those efforts were shut down by the Japanese government during World War II.
After the war, Suzuki began to make motorcycles and cars in 1955. The company is now Japan's fourth largest car maker, and makes its cars and 4x4s in no fewer than 35 countries around the world.

For the sake of our environment, the safety of drivers and passengers around the world, as well as our pocket books, please call or write to the officials above at the address and phone number below to request more precise monitoring technology for tire pressure for all cars and truck that Suzuki makes today:

Suzuki Motor Corporation - Contact Details
Suzuki Motor Corporation
300 Takatsuka-cho, Minami-ku
Hamamatsu-shi, SZK 432-8611 Japan
Phone: +81 53440 29 04


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