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SUMITOMO - Dunlop, HTR Tyres

Properly monitored and maintained tyre pressure for Sumitomo HTR Z, HTR Z II, HTR Z III, HTR H4, HTR 200 and HTR T4 models, as well as Sumitomo Dunlop tires will optimize fuel efficiency and tire tread wear, lower fuel and tire costs, as well as air pollution while improving road safety.

The decision makers to contact at Sumitomo are below:

Sumitomo Dunlop - Contact List
Mitsuaki Asai - Chairman of the Board
Tetsuji Mino - President
Hisao Takahashi - Senior Managing Executive Officer
Toshiyuki Noguchi - Senior Managing Executive Officer
Yasuyuki Sasaki - Managing Executive Officer

Sumitomo is a Japanese company that dates back to the 19th century. It is headquartered in Kobe, a city in southern Japan. Dunlop is an equally old UK company that unfortunately has been carved up by American and Japanese companies over the years. While the brand lives on, the company ceased to exist in the 1980s.

Sumitomo Tires competes against Bridgestone and Yokohama Tires in Japan, Hankook Tires, based in South Korea, Goodyear Tires, based in the United States, Michelin Tires, based in France, and Pirelli Tires, based in Italy.
Please contact the Sumitomo officers above at the contact coordinates below and urge them to expedite the implementation of more accurate tyre pressure monitoring technology for the HTR Z, HTR Z II, HTR Z III, HTR H4, HTR 200 and HTR T4. If calling, your call will be answered in Japanese, but they do speak English:

Sumitomo Tyre - Contact Details
Sumitomo Tyre & Rubber Industries Ltd.
3-6-9 Wakinohama-cho
Chuo-ku Kobe, HYG 651-0072 Japan
Phone: +81 78265.3000
Fax: +81 78265.3113


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