Volkswagen Passat

VOLKSWAGEN PASSAT - R36i, CC, R36, Lingyu, Magotan, NMS, B4, B5, B6, B7

Volkswagen Passat, whose current models include the R36i, CC, R36, Lingyu, Magotan, NMS, B4, B5, B6, B7, has come a long way since its original inception as a bulky station wagon in the 1970s. The turning point was in the 1990s when Volkswagen transformed the Passat into a sleek, under-stated sedan capable of competing against higher end, flashier and more nouveau riche mid-sized sedans made by rivals Mercedes Benz and BMW.

Properly maintained tyre pressure for the Passat and all other Volkswagen cars will reduce gas consumption and spend at the pumps, lower air pollution, slow down tyre tread erosion and minimize the risk of tyre explosions on the road.

The people who hold the keys to our ability to easily maintain the suggested tyre pressures are the top people at Volkswagen. Please call or write to them at their coordinates listed here and urge them to adopt better technology for facilitating the maintenance of the suggested tire pressures for not only the Passat, but also Golf, Polo and all other Volkswagen cars, including those of Audi and SEAT, which Volkswagen owns.


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