Toyota HiAce Tyre Pressure


Toyota HiAce Tyre PressureAccurately and easily monitored tyre pressure for the Toyota HiAce will improve its tire traction, minimize tire wear and extend the life of its tires.

Equally important, proper Toyota HiAce tyre pressure will reduce greenhouse gas emission and help protect the fragile ecosystem of our increasingly threatened planet.

Who should all of us communicate with to demand easier and more precise monitoring of these tire pressures? The top officers of its' manufacturer, of course. Click here for the names and telephone numbers of the top leaders in Japan.

Now in its seventh decade of market presence, the HiAce, essentially a big minivan or a small minibus/truck depending on one's perspective, is the quintessential multi-purpose vehicle. It is boxy and has zero sex appeal but is easy to get in and out of, as well as to load and unload cargo.

Toyota also manufactures the Avensis, Camry, Corolla, Prius, RAV4 and Yaris, all of which should be equipped with easy-to-use tire pressure sensing gear, so please take a moment to call or write to the officers linked to above.
Please note that Toyota calls HiAce by other names in different countries around the world, including the Regius Ace in Japan, Ventury, Commuter and Ventury Majesty in Thailand, JiangNan and JinBei Hiace in China, Ses'fikile and Quantum in South Africa, and JinBei Hiace Awing in the Middle East.


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