Toyota Corolla Tire Pressure


Gauging and managing Toyota Corolla tire pressure to minimize tire rolling friction will increase gas mileage and ultimately benefit our planet by reducing the amount of carbon gases emitted into the atmosphere by the millions of Corollas around the world.

Who should you talk to at Toyota, which also makes Avensis, RAV4, Prius, Yaris, Hiace and Camry, to petition them to enhance the technological capability of better tyre pressure gauging and management? Please click here for their names, telephone numbers and addresses at the Toyota headquarters in Japan.

Corollas are synonymous with Toyota and literally mean "small crowns" in Latin, has been a crowning achievement for Toyota. Had their never been Corollas, first introduced six decades ago, Toyota,  wouldn't be the Toyota of today (the reverse is of course true).

An exceptionally popular sub-compact automobile the world over, almost every model of Corolla has been a success, cumulatively selling 40 million vehicles to date and generating a substantial and reliable cash flow since its introduction for the Japanese car maker.

While they are manufactured around the world, including in Derbyshire in the United Kingdom, Cambridge in Ontario, Canada, Victoria in Australia, Durban in South Africa, Bangalore in India, Tianjin in China, and Sao Paulo in Brazil, all of the major decisions are made by the top executives in Japan, who should be kept informed that the world's consumers expect continued improvements in automobile fuel efficiency and safety.

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