Toyota Prius Tire Pressure


Properly calibrated tire pressure for the Toyota Prius will enable Toyota to stay ahead of the tightening competition in the race to push the envelope on automobile fuel-efficiency, including via optimized tire pressures.

If ever there was a car whose name is synonymous with fuel efficiency and being friendly to the environment, it is Toyota Prius, whose gas mileage and safety can be compromised if its tyre pressures are compromised.

Please click here to contact the top executives at Toyota who can implement better and more accurately maintained tyre pressures for the Prius.

Conceived in the Japanese labs of Toyota when GM, Ford and other American car makers were feasting their addiction to the profits from gas guzzling SUVs, trucks and sports cars in America, the Prius' 2001 arrival on the American shores was quiet enough, and stayed that way for the next few years.

But when the Americans' appetite for gas guzzlers dried up with the bursting of their housing bubble and skyrocketing gas prices in the mid to late 2000s, the sales of Prius rocketed along with those gas prices. As unsold gas-guzzling American cars collected dust in car lots, Toyota dealers were adding $5,000 to the manufacturer's suggested retail prices (MSRP) and taking deposits on Prius for delivery in 6 months.

But Japan's premier car maker should not rest on its laurels. We should remind its leaders of the need to keep pushing the envelope on even more environmentally friendly vehicles.

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