Renault Laguna Tyre Pressure


Laguna is the popular full-sized sedan made by Renault. What is the standard tyre pressure for the Laguna and who at Renault decides on both the standard tyre pressure and the mechanism to monitor it?

Proper tire inflation minimizes the friction between the tire and the road when the car is in operation. This in turn results in myriad advantages. The tire treads erode evenly, which means the tires last longer. This means that in the long run, you spend less money to replace them.

It also means a smoother ride and decreased chances of under-inflated tires collapsing or over-inflated tires exploding on expressways. And of course it leads to the combustion of less gasoline, which means not only lower costs at the petrol pumps but also lower entrance of carbon dioxide air pollutants into the earth's atmosphere.

Laguna competes against the likes of 407 by Peugeot, its cross-country French rival and Passat by Volkswagen, its cross-continental German rival.

Those who determine Laguna's tire pressures are at the headquarters of Renault, and their names, telephone numbers and address are here. Please reach out to them and tell them that we need more advanced tire pressure sensing technology for not only the Laguna, but also the Megane, Clio, Scenic and all other models made by this French car makers and Nissan, the Japanese car maker that it controls.


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