Nissan Tire Pressure

Nissan Tire Pressure - Altima, Maxima, Sentra

What are the recommended tire pressures for Nissan cars and who at Nissan determines the best tire pressures for its cars? The people at Nissan responsible for not only determining the best and safest tire pressure for its cars but also the mechanism for sensing and maintaining those pressures are the following:

Nissan Motors - Key Executives
Carlos Ghosn - Co-Chairman of the Board and CEO
Itaru Koeda - Co-Chairman of the Board
Tadao Takahashi - Vice Chairman of the Board
Toshiyuki Shiga - Chief Operating Officer
Philippe Klein - Senior Vice President

Optimized tyre pressures for the Altima, Armada, Frontier, Maxima, Murano, Pathfinder, Quest, Sentra, Xterra, 350G, Versa, Titan, Rogue, GT-R, Primera, Micra and Note will not lower not only gas bills but also help protect our fragile and increasingly threatened environment by minimizing rolling friction and helping to curb harmful greenhouse gas emissions that is associated with fuel combustion.

Once called Datsun, Nissan was not doing all that well until France's Renault, the maker of Clio, Laguna, Megane, and Scenic bought a chunk of the company and installed Carlos Ghosn, a Frenchman, as the as the CEO of this venerable Japanese company. Since then, Carlos Ghosn has made a name for himself as a corporate turnaround artist, and Nissan has thrived.

Please call or write them at the address and number below to press them for better monitoring of the tires for their entire line of cars. Their coordinates are:

Nissan Motors - Contact Details
Nissan Motor Company Ltd.
2 Takara-cho, Kanagawa-ku
Yokohama-shi, KNG 221-0023 Japan
Phone: +81 45461 7410

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