Who Is Responsible For Global Warming?

Who Is Responsible For Global Warming?

Who is responsible for global warming? The effects of global warming are all around us. In the Antarctic, ice sheets the size of countries are falling and melting into the ocean. In the Arctic, the ice is melting so fast that Canada and Russia have begun to jostle over the rights to the expected new sea route.

In the other continents, unprecedentedly high temperatures are igniting and fanning record numbers of fires, killing hundreds of people during summer heat waves, and giving rise to extreme weather patterns unseen since record keeping began.

So who is responsible for global warming? It's us, humans.

For one, we are growing exponentially. In 1804, the earth had 1 billion people. It doubled to 2 billion by 1927, and doubled again to 4 billion by 1974. Now at 7 billion, the earth's population is 700% of what it used to be just 200 years ago.

For another, each of us are burning more fossil fuels than we did 200 years ago, and everyone except the scientists on oil companies' payroll acknowledges global warming and points to carbon dioxide emission from burning gasoline and other fossil fuels, including from the 1.1 billion cars in the world as the top driver of the present rise.

Global warming is no longer some academic topic for scientists to debate. It is real, it is here, and it's going to wreak havoc on us and our children unless we take immediate, concrete actions, starting with something as simple as putting air in under-inflated tires.


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Who Is Responsible For Global Warming?
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