Isuzu Tyre Pressure

Isuzu Tyre Pressure - Ascender, Rodeo, I-290, I-390

Correct tyre pressure for the Isuzu I-290, I-370, Ascender and Rodeo is crucial. Why? Proper Isuzu tyre pressure for the Ascender, Rodeo, I-290, I-390 and other vehicles will reduce not only fuel consumption but also lower carbon dioxide pollution and ensure road safety, not to mention money at the gas pumps, especially given the rising price of oil. Isuzu tire pressures are set by these Japanese executives:

Isuzu Motors - Key Executives
Yoshinori Ida - Chairman of the Board
Susumu Hosoi - President
Ryozo Tsukioka - Executive Director
Akira Shinohara - Senior Executive Officer

Founded just after the Second World War and named after a river that literally means "fifty bells", this Japanese automobile maker has had its ups and down, but more downs and ups in the passenger car market. The death blow came with the US 2008 financial crisis, which saw Isuzu car sales all but freeze. In 2009, Isuzu abandoned the US consumer car market altogether.

But Isuzu is still a major player in the bus market. You are invited to call or write to the officers above at the coordinates below to advise better tire pressure monitoring:

Isuzu Motors - Contact Details
Isuzu Motors Ltd.
6-26-1 Minami-oi
Tokyo 140-8722 Japan
Phone: +81 35471 1141
Fax: +81 35471 1043


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