Hankook Tyre Pressures

Hankook Tyre Pressures - Dynapro, Optimo, Ventus

Who is behind the technology for optimizing Hankook tyre pressures? The people behind the technology for maintaining Hankook tyre pressures at optimal levels are the following executives:

Hankook Tyre Pressures - Key Contacts
Yang Rai Cho - Chairman of the Board
Hwi Joong Kim - Co-Chief Executive Officer
Seung Hwa Seo - Co-Chief Executive Officer
Jong Chul Lee - Vice President
Hyun Shik Cho - Vice President

Hankook Tires' is South Korea's top tire manufacturer. Its key brands include the Ventus, Optimo, Dynapro, and key models include the H105, H405, H418, H714, H725, K103, K104, K105, K106, RH06 and RT03.

Founded in 1941, Hankook Tires has grown steady to become the world's 8th largest maker of tires. It currently produces about 50 million tires per year and is expanding capacity to become the world's 5th largest tire maker. It also makes wheels, batteries and brake pads.

The North American headquarters of Hankook Tires is located in Ohio, USA but all of the major decisions apparently are made by the Korean executives in South Korea.

Please contact the people listed above at the address and phone number listed below to press them for better and easier tire pressure monitoring system - direct or indirect TPMS - for their entire product line, including Ventus, Optimo, Dynapro's H105, H405, H418, H714, H725, K103, K104, K105, K106, RH06 and RT03.

That way, they will improve their corporate image and product appeal, which will lead to higher profits, and less pollution will be emitted on the road, which will better protect our environment:

Hankook Tires - Contact Details
Hankook Tire Manufacturing Company Ltd.
647-15 Yoksam-dong Kangnam-Ku
Seoul, 135-080 South Korea
Phone: +82 22 222 1000
Fax: +82 22 222 1746


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