VW Polo Tyre Pressure


Consistent adherence to the tyre pressure advised by VW for Polo models, including the Soho, Fun, Dune, Playa, BlueMotion, Vivo, CrossPolo through all of the Mark generations, bears many benefits.

Correct VW Polo tyre pressure leads to enhanced fuel economy, higher fuel cost savings, improved driver and passenger safety, longer tire life, as well as reduced greenhouse gas production.

The individuals who ultimately determine the ease with which the tires on Polo can be kept inflated at the advised psi to bear the aforementioned benefits are the German executives at the top of the Volkswagen AG. Their identity, titles, address and telephone numbers are listed here. Please contact them at your leisure.

First introduced four decades ago, the Polo has been a very successful, as well as lucrative car for Volkswagen, whose other popular cars include the Passat and the Golf. Especially popular among students, first time car buyers and those who desire easy parking, low price and/or high gas mileage, the Polo also has been branded and sold as the subcompact of other brands acquired and developed by Volkswagen.

With success comes added responsibility. Europe's top automobile manufacturing company, which also owns Audi and SEAT, should be reminded by consumers across the world to keep the protection of our planet at the forefront of their strategies for future generations of Polo and other cars.

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