VW Golf Tyre Pressure


Keeping the VW Golf tyre pressure at the factory setting will cut gas consumption, reduce tire wear and lower fuel costs. Maintaining the Golf tyre pressure at the level set by VW will also facilitate the protection of our environment by decreasing carbon dioxide emission into the earth's atmosphere.

The key to keeping the Volkswagen Golf's tire pressures at the factory setting is a state-of-the-art tire pressures monitoring system that is easy for the drivers to visualize and respond to in an expeditious manner.

And the key players who can enable such easy-to-use monitoring are the top managers of Volkswagen in Germany. Please click here for their names and contact coordinates.

The Golf is a relatively new name given to the new generation of former Volkswagen Rabbit, the small and extremely popular hatchback that was initially intended to succeed the Beetle as Volkswagen's star small car, and did just that.

The makers of the Golf, which means the Gulf Stream in German, also make the Polo and the Passat, and own Audi, which in turn owns SEAT. All of their cars should feature the latest tire pressure monitoring systems, so please contact Messrs. Piech, Winterkorn, Heizman and Sanz as listed above and keep them reminded of the importance of environment-protecting engineering by Europe's top car maker.

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