SEAT Ibiza Tyre Pressure

SEAT Tyre Pressure - Ibiza, Leon, Altea

Why is maintaining the correct tyre pressure for SEAT Ibiza, Leon, Alhambra, Altea, Arosa, Cordoba, Inca, Marbella, Exeo, Toledo and other cars important?

Maintaining the recommended tyre pressure for SEAT cars makes their tire tread wear evenly and consume less petrol. This means less money is spent for petrol at the pumps, safer cars to drive and less pollution since less petrol is burned.

Who decides how much air should go into the tyres of SEAT cars and how to monitor their pressures? It is the people at Volkswagen. Click here for their names, telephone numbers and address.

Created in 1950 by a state-owned company of Spain, SEAT is an acronym for Sociedad Espagniola Automobiles de Turismo, which means Spanish Touring Automobile Company.

Why should we contact Volkswagen people to talk about SEAT, which is a company based in Spain? It is because Volkswagen owns SEAT. Actually, Volkswagen is the owner of Audi, which owns SEAT. Because all of the decisions are in the end made by the top owner, we should call the top owner.

Please call and tell them that we want better tire pressure sensors and monitoring devices for not only the Ibiza, Leon, Alhambra, Altea, Arosa, Cordoba, Inca, Marbella, Exeo, Toledo and other cars made by SEAT, but also those of the other cars that Volkswagen makes.


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