RFID & Tire Pressures


RFIDTires.com monitors the convergence of RFID, tires and tire pressure management technologies. While RFID has been around for decades and tires of course much longer, the attention on the convergence of RFID (Radio Frequency IDentification), tires and tire pressure management is relatively recent.

One of the drivers of the increased attention on this convergence is the recently implemented tire pressure monitoring regulation in the United States. Another major driver is the rising price of fuel, which increases the importance of fuel efficiency, which RFID-enabled tyre pressure monitoring can enhance.

Proper pressure for tyres also reduces the risk of blow outs, which prevents accidents on the road, which in turn saves lives. It also reduces tread wear, which means that the tyres last longer, resulting in lower costs over the life of the car and the tyres.

And of course, proper tyre pressure enabled fuel efficiency also means lower carbon dioxide emissions, which in turn reduces global warming and protects our fragile planet.

RFIDTires.com introduces you to the issues and the key executives in the global automotive industry who are shaping them.