Ford Focus Tyre Pressure


The optimal tyre pressure for the Ford Focus should take into consideration the year, model and the tire size on the car. Observing the recommended Ford Focus tyre pressure will save petrol usage and expenses and promote balanced tire tread wear.

Correct tyre pressure for the Ford Focus will also facilitate the protection of our environment by limiting the amount of greenhouse gases combusted into the atmosphere.

Positioned as the successor to the popular Escort, the Focus has been a commercial success for Ford since the model debuted in 1999.

A small car that is particularly popular with European consumers and North American car rental companies, the demand and the sale of Focus remain strong.

So, how can the Focus' the tire pressure be kept at the optimal level?

The answer would hinge to a certain extent on how loudly and consistently the citizenry of the world who buys cars can keep the senior executives of the Ford Motors to make it easy for us to monitor and maintain optimal tire pressure for not only the Focus and Fiesta but all of the other car models that roll off the assembly lines of this American car maker.

Please call or write to Messrs. Ford*, Mulally*, Kuzak and Parry-Jones, as well as Ms. Cischke (click here for their coordinates) and let them know that the world wants their company to make it easier to keep our cars tires properly inflated so that we can spend less money on gas and tires, be safer on the roads, and pollute our planet less.

* These officers are members of the board, which also includes Richard Gephardt, the politician, and Jorma Ollila, the former CEO of Finland's Nokia Corporation, as well as Stephen Butler, Ellen Marram, Irvine Hockaday, Homer Neal, Kimberly Casiano,John Thornton and two other members of the founder's family.

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