Honda Tire Pressure


The ideal tire pressure for Honda Civic depends on the year, model and rim size. Maintaining proper tire pressure for the Honda Civic will maximize its gas mileage that is already the envy of its rivals in the global automobile industry.

Introduced in 1972 and positioned as a price-leading, two-door subcompact below the Honda Accord, the Civic is Honda Motors' best selling car in its history and the top selling automobile in several countries around the world. To date, almost 20,000,000 Civics have been manufactured and sold worldwide.

How can the tyre pressures for Civics be optimized?

That depends on the grassroots pressure that all of us can bring to bear on the top brass of the Japanese car company. Please click here for their names and contact details.

Founded in 1948 in the ashes of the Second World War, Honda initially succeeded as a motorcycle maker. In fact, Honda has been the world's #1 maker of motorcycles for over 50 years since 1959.

Having conquered the 2-wheels market, Honda entered the automobile market in 1963, starting with a small pick up truck. The rest, of course, is well known history.

Please contact Chairman Aoki, President Fukui, Executive Officer Tsujii, Chief Director Yoshimi and/or Director Oshima to advise them on the importance of proper tyre pressures to our environment and to encourage them to facilitate monitoring the tyre pressures for the Civic and other models made by Honda, as well as Acura, which it owns, to better compete against it newly rising arch-rival: Hyundai.


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